HBCUNY Media Credential Request

Clearly list names, and circle either media or photo, to indicate function of representative for whom credentials are being requested. ONLY ONE CREDENTIAL WILL BE ISSUED PER PERSON. Approval/denial of requests will be sent to the email listed above. *Weekly Newspapers will be limited to two (one writer and one photographer); Bi-Weekly Newspapers: two (one writer and one photographer); Television: two media credentials; Daily Newspapers: three (two writers and one photographer). Internet: three (two writer, one photographer). Note: In special cases, the HBCUNYC State Office will increase the number of credentials for media organizations depending on the circumstances.
Reminder: In order to be considered for credentials, sports editor/director signature is required on this form. Only media members who have secured credentials in writing prior to the event will be included on the media list. Late requests or arrivals without prior approval will not be granted credentials. Identification from your media affiliation and a valid photo ID will be required for admittance.


  • Your coverage is important to us and we thank you for your interest and commitment to HBCU athletics. We are happy to provide responsible media representatives with a working press credential.

  • Credentials are non-transferable and may only be used by the person and on behalf of the media outlet for whom/which they were issued. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of current credential and denial of future credential requests.

  • HBCUNYC policy is to accommodate your needs without infringing on the essential aspects of competition at HBCUNYC events. We require you comply with the policies for the site at which you are working.

  • Only those media members who have secured proper approval in writing prior to the event will receive credentials. Late requests or arrivals without prior approval will not be admitted.
    Submission of a completed media credential request form does not ensure approval for media

    credentials. Verification of applications received can be found on the HBCUNYC Web site.

  • All requests will be reviewed and must be approved by Andrew Baker, HBCUNYC Sports Information Officer. You will receive written confirmation via e-mail alerting you whether or not your request has been approved. Media members must fill out credential request forms for the HBCUNYC event which you are covering. No credential request will be considered without the sports editor/director’s signature on the form. You may mail or fax the completed forms to the HBCUNYC office.

  • Approved media members will have a credential waiting for them at the event. Identification from your media organization and a valid photo ID will be required for admittance.

  • Unauthorized selling of photographs taken at HBCUNYC S events is strictly prohibited. In accordance with HBCUNYC contractual agreements, at no time may photographs be sold to the general public, participating schools or families of student-athletes.

  • For football practices, HBCUNYC section passes will be accepted for Friday practice walk through PRIOR to Coaches Luncheon and Media Day. These passes are secured through the HBCUNYC office. HBCUNYC-issued credentials are required for Coaches Luncheon and Media Day.


Should any working press become verbally or physically confrontational or abusive for any reason or refuse to cooperate or comply with the policy as stated by the HBCUNYC, the HBCUNYC has the right to confiscate the credential and have the offending media person removed from the premises. 


Saturday August 6, 2023 at 12 p.m.


*Phone: 555-555-5555 

Guidelines for Credentialing Web Sites (Non-Originating Broadcasts)

1. Internet sites desiring HBCUNYC media credentials must submit requests on company letterhead. For HBCUNYC Media Credentials, requests must be made no later than 6 weeks in advance of the event to allow the HBCUNYC time to review the site and its content to determine legitimacy.

2. Internet sites desiring media credentials must have a unique, registered domain name, ending in one of the recognized extensions (.com, .cc, .org, .edu, .net).

3. Internet sites desiring media credentials must have a demonstrated record of sustained coverage of HBCU sports, which should include (but is not limited to):
a. Publishing stories and statistics on a timely basis about individual contests.
b. Publishing scores on game days.

c. Publishing feature stories about HBCU sports teams, coaches and student-athletes.

4. The following Internet sites will not be granted credentials:
a. Personal page Internet site publishers.
b. Subscription-based Internet sites.
c. Internet sites associated in any way with alcohol, tobacco, drugs of any kind, gambling of any kind, political parties or candidates or any other advertising considered in poor taste or not in compliance with the mission of interscholastic athletics as determined by the HBCUNYC.

d. Sites developed solely to list/profile/rank recruiting prospects or teams and/or to provide chat rooms/forums/blogs.

5. Internet sites must furnish certifiable traffic numbers from an established auditing firm (i.e., Nielsen), or from their service providers. Hit counters on pages will not fulfill this requirement. The following information must be provided:
a. The average number of “unique viewers/visitors” to the site in the last 30-60-90 days.
b. The average number of “page views” by each visitor.
c. The name and telephone number of the auditing firm or service provider to discuss/ensure the accuracy of the numbers.

6. Internet sites must furnish, upon request, the name of a contact person who can serve as the liaison to the HBCUNYC in the event questions or concerns arise related to the accuracy and fairness of content posted from HBCUNYC events.

7. Internet sites must also furnish the following:
a. A copy of each reporter’s current Vitae (emphasizing their journalistic credentials) b. A copy of the site’s editorial policy
c. A copy of the site’s advertising policy
d. The names of the members of your editorial board
e. The site’s articles of incorporation
f. The current DBA statement or business license

8. Due to space concerns, media credentials for webcast companies not originating with a broadcast may not be granted or may only be granted on a space-available basis.